Our approach encompass both traditional asset management and tailor-made portfolios in order to accommodate our clients’ evolving needs.

In-depth analysis and insights on macro and microeconomics trends to better understand markets and investment opportunities.

Investments in strategic real estate markets to hedge our clients’ portfolios and create passive income.

Investments in green companies and solutions with a focus on sustainability, eco-investing and companies with high ESG score.

Investments in new disruptive and innovative technologies including technology-driven platforms, digital assets, fintech and medical devices.

Exploration and investments in opportunities related to art and NFTs, tailored to diversify and enhance your portfolio while protecting against inflation an market swings.


We recognise that wealth carries a responsibility to give back. Our philanthropy services include:

Assistance in establishing and operating charities that resonate with your family’s values while generating tax benefits.

Comprehensive research to ensure that your contributions are aligned with meaningful causes and are making a positive impact.

Rigorous examination of charitable organisations to ensure integrity and compliance.

Crafting and managing your philanthropic public image, ensuring that your charitable activities align with your family’s legacy.

Succession Planning

Secure the future of your wealth with our expert succession planning. We will:

Tailored strategies to protect and distribute your assets, including the establishment of trusts in favourable jurisdictions.

Assist in the smooth implementation of the plan, ensuring a seamless transition.

Regularly review and update the succession plan to keep it relevant to your changing needs and circumstances.

Tax Advisory

Navigating the complex world of international taxation can be daunting. Our tax advisory services include:

Developing efficient tax strategies that align with your financial goals.

Ensuring total compliance with local and international tax laws.

Identifying opportunities to minimise tax liability within legal parameters.